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Seward Park

Today I walked from my house to Seward Park. The weather was perfect, the sun couldn't quite burn off the low clouds, so it didn't get too warm and didn't get too cold either (well, for mid-November). The clouds kept the Eastern shore of Lake Washington just barely visible.

Total trip time was almost exactly four hours and total distance was 15.6 km (just 400m short of 10 miles) for an average speed of 3.9km/h, which was a bit faster than my usual pace, considering I stopped and looked at so many things.

A while back I wrote an app called Trackmap that I could upload my GPS tracks to and it would map them on Google Maps. When I got back I rewrote it from scratch to be simpler and with proper tests. My next plan is to hook into flickr to match up photo timestamps with GPS timestamps and have little markers for each photo.

I took my GPS along on the trip, and had hoped to use the track to mark where I took all my photos. When I uploaded the track into my new Trackmap I discovered that when it ran out of batteries I lost all but the last 2km of track. (Well, it was replaced by a previous track. I need to remember to power-cycle the GPS when clearing track and keep the batteries charged.)
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