Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Box gone, yay!

For the past while I’ve been working on maintain a sex-worthy home. I vacuumed, I rearranged, I picked up and most importantly I collected a bunch of her stuff and put it in a box. When I was mostly done I emailed to say I had collected the box and wanted to arrange a time that I could drop it off.

That was two weeks ago. Since then the box sat in my corner and no time-of-exchange was booked. After a week I started to get annoyed. I just wanted it out! It would only take fifteen minutes at most! So I called and left a message while cleaning out another room. (The phone rang a few minutes later, but hung up with no message when I didn’t reach the phone. Turns out it was her.)

So then I email her and an email comes back saying she is busy until Tuesday. Progress! I wait the week and Wednesday evening I leave a message asking to schedule a time. No return message is left. Thursday I call again and get a busy signal.

That’s when I, for no sensible reason, got mad. I don’t normally get mad, frustrated or annoyed, but not mad. Here I was, mad, because she didn’t call me so I could get rid of her stuff further reducing my contact with her. Mad because I wasn’t important enough to spend less than fifteen minutes with while I drop off her things. I realized all this at the time, but it didn’t help at all, further frustrating things.

But, finally I got through and rid myself of not only her stuff but also her bike! I wasn’t mad when I got there, getting the last of her things out of my place cured me of that. She was semi-cheerful and talkative, but I was not. I think she noticed that things were a little awkward.

My intent in delivering the box was to eliminate necessary contacts with her. (After two weeks and multiple attempts to arrange a time to meet I think it is clear exactly how important I am to her.) So I really didn’t fill her in on much of anything.

She did mention she told one of her “cute” coworkers about my “hot body” and was looking for pictures of it in my flickr photos, but currently there aren’t any since I’m not done yet. I don’t believe she’ll actually hook me up with this person judging from the intense lack of feedback while trying to deliver a box.

But… It is all gone now, hooray!


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