Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

$5 for 5x $1 (or 0x $1)

Sorry, I'm drunk. Please forgive any spelling mistakes.

While walking home from office hours I met a man at 18th and Madison who told me about his pound of weed in his apartment and how his girlfriend Jennifer needed change to ride the bus. So we sit on the stairs to the apartment and he reached for his wallet and asked for a five dollar bill.

This was strange to me. Despite being drunk, I knew the busses only take one dollar bills. So I tell him I'm not bringing out my wallet until I see five one dollar bills. Then he tells me that he's going to get five one dollar bills from the 7-11. I continue to stall and he says I've got to trust him. Then I try to say that I can't trust him because I've only just met him.

Instead of responding to my argument, he brings up G. W. Bush and how he screwed over the people in New Orleans. I say "Fuck Bush" (or something like that) and he goes on about how it isn't about Bush, but about him getting five one dollar bills (still the opposite of what I thought he wanted).

Now I realize he's in a loop. He just wants my five dollar bill. (Pretty good for being drunk.) So I ask him what Bush has to to with making change. He says its not about that and I ask him where the five dollars are. He points to a guy down by the Trader Joe's and says that guy has the five dollars.

I tell him I can't trust him because I've only just met him. He says that you can't trust anybody and I should take it on faith that he won't cheat me out of my five dollars. I'm not *that* drunk and we end up parting ways, me with my five dollars and him with nothing extra.

He also told me my friends will only be there when I've got money, but my friends never ask me for money that they won't repay, so maybe I've got better friends than him.

PS: I really like my new headphones. They stay in my ears much better than the standard iPod headphones.
Tags: drunk

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