Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

I ♥ Gaim Authors

/* I had to leave this. It's just too funny. It reminds me of my sister. */
		   "ohmigod! %s has started typing (DirectIM). He's going to send you a message! *squeal*\n", sn);

 * This little area in oscar.c is the nexus of file transfer code, 
 * so I wrote a little explanation of what happens.  I am such a 
 * ninja.
 *  -We get drunk because file transfer kicks ass.

/* You want to send a file to someone else, you're so generous */

And then some frustration:

struct pieceofcrap { [...] }

static void damn_you(gpointer data, gint source, GaimInputCondition c)
static void straight_to_hell(gpointer data, gint source, GaimInputCondition cond)


/* you are over the limit, the cheat is to the limit, come on fhqwhgads */
Tags: gaim, humor, programming

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