Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Where do these people find me?

This one is Ukranian, so I'm not sure how I'd send them money.

09:22204857947Hello, i have a problem, i have a rent debt for apartment where i live, and i cant fix it. Im trying to find somebody who will understand my situation and will agree to help me with money what i need, so then i can fix the debt. Maybe you can help ?
09:42drbrainsorry, but if you can't manage your own money, I don't see why I should trust you with mine.
09:44204857947with yours ? sorry i dont seek for any loans, i seek for money help without payback
10:02drbrainin that case, I'm more into licensed charities

UPDATE: Lamest phishing scam evar. Same number and everything!
Tags: icq, random people

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