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Wishing I was sleeping

While I'm neither sleeping nor dreaming I may as well write about last night's fascinating dream-related experience.

In my dream I was sitting at my laptop at night, much like I am now, when I saw a flash of light against the wall. I glanced out the window and saw two police cars blocking off the street with their lights off.

Then I got up to look closer, but couldn't see anything outside. I thought the power had been turned off for the street making it pitch-black (the kind of black you'd have inside a bank vault). Turning around I saw the orange charging light on my laptop and thought that was strange. How could the power be on and off?

I suppose I then decided that my eyes must not be open, so I tried to open them (I'm not really sure). After some struggle I saw light from a street light coming in the window on my bedroom wall. I then realized that I was in bed and had just awoken myself from a dream.

This is the second time I've forced myself out of a dream in the past three or four months. The strangest part was feeling completly awake once I broke out of the dream. It took me three hours to fall asleep again, not fun.
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