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Today I went shopping and came home with a new pair of shoes, a new belt, new socks and new underwear (the last two a preemptive strike). The most difficult part was finding a new belt. I'm all of 32" around at the waist and most belts were in the 36" plus range. Fortunately The Bon had a bunch of belts on sale including a good selection of 32"ers.

Upon my return I vacuumed out the Mercury for the first time in forever. The only interesting thing I found was a tube of chap-stick that had fallen under the back seat and lodged itself under the carpeting. I also fixed the button that lets the rear seat fold down, by unscrewing it the button now stays in its hole rather than falling down into the car like it used to.

While turning off the vacuum for the last time I got a healthy shock (nearly electric fence worthy) from the on-off-switch, I'm convinced it was extreme static build-up and not the four or five raindrops that fell on the vacuum.

After the car cleaning I walked to QFC to get groceries and had a talk with a divorce lawyer who works in Bellevue who thought I was familiar. We talked a bit about the fascinating things that go on in my neighborhood. She also told me I looked like that guy on Dawson's Creek (which I'm told is a good thing).

After two hot pastrami sandwhiches and finishing Eraserhead (quite bizarre) I came upstairs to see a bunch of police looking all around and over and in a Freightliner (big truck). Not the regular uniformed officers but officers (or maybe detectives) in jeans with their around-the-neck badges and shirts that say "POLICE" in big capital letters. All I overheard was 'found some stains' but nothing about the type of stains.

Then I took my shoes for a two mile jog and sat in the tub for a while. Oh, and I did 200 situps in 24 hours.
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