Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Personal Information Security Notice

On May, 15 2006 PACCAR was informed by its outside auditor, Ernst & Young, that after extensive analysis of back-up files it was determined that certain personal information regarding PACCAR current and former employees was contained in a laptop computer stolen from the home of Ernst and Young employee on February 26, 2006. The information contained included [...] individual's name, birth date and social security number but not the individual's address.

The last time I had something like this happen was from Citifinancial losing its backup tapes. They claim the data was password protected, but I'm certain they were using Outlook to protect it which is nearly none.

Going from my name to address and phone number is simple, its all over the internet (and in the phone book).

I do get a number to call where I can learn more about the laptop theft and year of free credit monitoring as a consolation prize.
Tags: ernst, paccar

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