Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Nighttime Happenings

Upon my return to Seattle from Portland early Thursday morning I happened to see something odd on the street. Slowing down and rolling down the window I discovered it was a man. I called the ambulance for him and while waiting I discovered he was named Mike (aka Wolf, but he doesn't know why).

The excitement didn't stop there, though, last night news helicopters started circling my neighborhood around midnight, and shortly after I heard a loud bang. Looking out my window I saw a vehicle rolled onto its side. The driver claimed the real driver ran away, but couldn't describe him. There was also the story of somebody trying to jump him. I think he was just drunk and hit the parked car, miscorrected and ended up on his side. Nobody else saw a second person.

Every six months, just like clockwork, there's a wreck in my neighborhood. Don't park on the street.
Tags: drunk, rollover, wreck

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