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I'm high on dexamethasone, but I should be sleeping because I'll be giving white blood cells tomorrow. Instead I'm awake. It wasn't supposed to be this way...

I was supposed to take these just before I went to sleep which I did at 10:45 PM. My neighbor on the opposite end of my condo was having a party, and it involved much shouting and cheering. This was keeping me awake.

I thought it was coming from some place far enough away that it would be too far to find. Another neighbor of mine found it it was coming from the same building, so she went over to ask if things could be settled down. A guest answered the door and claimed that the renter wasn't inside and shoved her when she tried to go inside.

Police were called, I got up, we talked, the shovee turned out to be a gay, uptight asshole.

Now, thanks to that asshole I'm awake and feeling *GREAT*. It sucks.
Tags: asshole, drugs, party, police, white blood cells

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