Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Day 3


Big trees really close together aren't too exciting, but I did travel down the Bald Hill Road which wound and switched between gravel and pavement to a hike that descended through a prairie into second growth forest and then into first growth redwoods. At the trailhead when I left were several TVs and a boom-box. When I returned somebody had taken them all away.

Upon returning from the hike I drove on to Redding then Mt. Shasta to meet Laura. The drive was to the 34 was fun, including the 2000 foot drop via switchbacks to the highway. I only lost traction on the rear wheels once!

At the highway was a bridge across the Klamath river, and I dropped two large rocks off of it while waiting for the brakes to cool (I could smell the burning dust). At sometime in the past the river had ripped away the bridge and the old superstructure was lying a few hundred feet downstream.
Tags: 2006, vacation

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