Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Day 5

We slept in, then awoke and headed out on CA-89 and stopped at the Ranger Station outside McCloud to get trail conditions, then continued onwards to the mountain.

After making sandwiches we headed up the the Clear Creek trail towards the springs. We came across a park ranger after clearing the forest and he thanked us for filling out our wilderness permits and warned us of the mountain lion (I think it was following me from park to park).

At the springs there was a group of people who were looking for a place to camp before heading up to the summit on Sunday. We had lunch above the springs, then headed down hoping to get some ice cream from McCloud, but the shop was closed. Instead I got taffy from the candy store and Laura got $3.30 of fudge. After a nap we unintentionally had a fancy dinner at Lily's.
Tags: 2006, vacation

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