Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Day 7

I started out at Petroglyph Point then headed over to Captain Jack's Stronghold and hiked the long loop where I got a lot of sun. Captain Jack's Stronghold was pretty sweet, an entirely natural fortress whose only downside was a lack of access to water.

After that I explored the lava tubes around the visitors center. I am glad that I have calluses on my knuckles, but wish I also had them on my knees. My cave explorations resulted in a scrape on my knee that left a lovely bloodstain on my jacket and a bruise on the small toe of my left foot when it got caught between two rocks. Spending time underground was totally awesome!

Exhausted, I headed back towards Klamath Falls and found seven or eight mule deer grazing alongside the road.
Tags: 2006, vacation

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