Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel


So far, this entire week has been great.

Sunday night I:

  • almost helped some guy find his friends
  • helped two married couples find a restaurant in Belltown
  • arrived at buster and lele's NYE party

Monday morning I:

  • borrowed bostonsteamer's sunglasses
  • lost my glasses
  • lost bostonsteamer's glasses
  • did other fun things
  • found my glasses
  • helped drunk people
  • let a woman use my cell phone so she could call Harborview to see if her husband had been shot. (She had the number memorized! I almost suggested she might want to find another husband.)
  • slept until 4PM and woke up confused

Tuesday I:

Wednesday I:

  • injured my shoulder at practice (ok, maybe not totally great) so I missed out on practicing ude garami. At least its a minor injury, should be better in a day or two.
  • learned I got paid
Tags: daddy likey, harborview, jujutsu, money, nye, party, sleep, sunglasses

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