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Mechanics and Fluids

Friday night something changed in my shoulder, and now its starting to feel much better. I was able to sleep on my left side for the first time in two weeks! I still had to be a little careful getting into proper position, though.

Today I gave platelets. Since I was too low on the platelet count once I now have to check the box that says "Have you ever been told not to donate?". Modesto asked me why I'd been told not to donate, and I told him "I ran out". He was quite confused until I clarified that I didn't have enough for the machine.

After finishing donating and wrapping me up I started to leak since the wrap wasn't tight enough or something. It was nice, fat drops of blood, too. Fortunately my shirt came clean, I did wash out most of the blood in the bathroom sink though. Just put the pants in the wash now. It sure was cold walking around with a half-wet shirt, though.

Oh yeah. I'm also amazed at how difficult it is to back around a corner.
Tags: blood, clean, leak, platelets, ran out, shoulder

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