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Spider-Man rocked

I watched Spider-Man with Ian and Tammy today. I thought it was a wonderful movie, the acting and plot were good, the effects were wonderful, and the movie left you with something to think about at the end.

Unfortunately the idiots at Cineplex Odeon don't know how to make lines. One of there workers just decided that our orderly line was too inefficient, so they had everbody just bunch up, ignoring those of us who had already lined up politely.

The Plot Skip the plot, go right to my thoughts

Peter Parker was a high school nerd, he gets bullied and picked on, etc., etc. But on a field trip, he gets bitten by a genetically enhanced spider which gives him his spider abilities.

Norman Osborn is the top executive and scientist at a corporation that is developing enhancements for the military. When he learns that his company is going to lose its military contract to another, he uses a strength enhancing forumla on himself to test its effectiveness. It has the desired effect, but also turns him quite insane.

Two characters are granted extraordinary powers in this movie, Peter's powers are bestowed by chance, while Norman's are granted due to haste and greed. Peter chooses to use his powers to benefit others as Spider-Man, while Norman uses them for personal gain as the Green Goblin, by first destroying his rival's prototype military exoskeleton.

Peter decides to use his powers to buy a car to impress Mary Jane, who he has been in love with since she moved in next door to him when he was six. He goes to a amateur wrestling night where he defeats the champion to earn $3000 so he can buy a new car to impress her. He wins the match, but only recieves $100 for his efforts. Before he leaves, a man steals the money from the office, but Peter let him by because he was cheated.

The same man who stole the money shot his uncle and stole his uncle's car. Peter takes off after the man and ends up scaring the robber out of a window where he falls to his death.

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin first meet when the Green Goblin murders his company's board members who are going to sell his company to his rivals and leave him behind. In the course of this battle, Spider-Man rescues his neighbor, Mary Jane. He also later rescues her from some men who want to rape her.

Mary Jane is, however, dating his friend Harry Osborn, who is the Green Goblin's son. Peter has also been photographing himself as Spider-Man to earn extra cash. The Green Goblin shows up at the newspaper office and kidnaps Spider-Man and offers to share a reign of terror, then releasing him.

On Thanksgiving, the Green Goblin and Spider-Man meet again, when the Green Goblin sets fire to a building filled with people. Spider-Man rejects his prior offer and escapes, but gets a cut on his arm. Peter, his friend Harry, Mary Jane, Norman, and Peter's aunt are then going to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Peter and Harry's apartment. Peter arrives in his Spider-Man costume back at the apartment, and everybody goes upstairs to look. Peter jumps up to the ceiling to avoid being seen, but a drop of blood hits the floor and Norman hears. He turns around to look, but Peter is nowhere in sight.

Peter then comes in the front door of the apartment and sits down for dinner. His aunt notices he's bleeding, and Norman realizes it wasn't due to a bicycle messenger like Peter claimed, but due to their fight in the burning building. He now decides to go after Peter where it'll hurt him the most, those closest to him.

The Green Goblin then breaks into Peter's aunt's bedroom and sends her to the hospital. While Peter and Mary Jane are watching Peter's aunt while she sleeps, Harry notices they were holding hands. He tells his father who then goes after Mary Jane.

[I'm gonna skip a bit here.] There is then a big battle which results in the death of the Green Goblin. The last thing Norman says to Peter before he dies is "Don't let Harry know". At Norman's funeral, Mary Jane tells Peter that she was thinking of him when she was being attacked by the Green Goblin, and confesses her love for him. Peter says that he would like to tell her why, but that he won't be able to have any more than a friendship with her, but he'll be there if she needs him. Harry also saw Spider-Man bring Norman's body back to Norman's home, and believes that Spider-Man was the cause, and vows to get even with him.

Ok, now for my thoughts

At the end of the movie, Peter realizes than anyone who is close to him will be in danger if they find out that Spider-Man is really him.  Peter decides to hurt Mary Jane by telling her that he can't be with her, rather than risking her safety at some later date.  Was this the right thing for him to do?

When Peter first realizes that he has been granted extraordinary powers, his first thoughts are to use them for personal gain, in order to buy a car to impress Mary Jane.  Before going to the amateur wrestling night, his uncle tells him that this time in his life is what will determine who he is going to become.  Peter tells him off, but realizes that his quest for personal status got him nowhere after his uncle was shot while waiting for him.

Peter later profits off of being Spider-Man by photographing his exploits, but not to the degree that he was trying to before.  Peter choose to help people as Spider-Man over his other jobs, and turns to it more as a source of income that will allow him to help people, rather than purely for profit.

Peter's priorities seem to be these:

  1. Keep those closest to himself from harm
  2. Help others as he can
  3. Provide for himself and others around him in a day-to-day fashion
I find that the problem with this ordering of priorities is that he may leave ignore his friends in order to help people he doesn't know.  Being impartiality is tricky, are the needs of your friends and family more important than those of the masses?  Who has the gratest need?  Obviously our friends will no longer be our friends if we are forever busy.

Hrm, I'm getting tired now, I'll have to stop writing.


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