Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Part two of my trip home was differently eventful. I swapped seats with one of a married couple so they could again swap seats in the back of the plane.

This put me in an aisle seat in row 5 instead of a middle seat back in 21 which I thought was going to be great!

Unfortunately, not so much. While there was a cute, chin-high and tiny hispanic woman next to me, she did have a kid on her lap that began to throw a tantrum about 45 minutes out of Seattle (not even because of pressure changes). She didn't really do anything to calm him. After the surrounding four rows became rather uncomfortable a stewardess came and calmed the kid down.

The guy next to me was average sized, but was all the way to the edge of his seat, so I was touching him all the time, annoying. (I should have put the armrest down.)

There was a nice cross-wind on approach to Seatac though, so I could feel the airplane slip-sliding left and right through the air, the kind of feeling you get when your car is fish-tailing. Not as much fun as the mega-turbulence around Austin, though.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the plane I was on was so old it still had ash-trays in the armrests! That puts it at least 10 years old, probably more (I should have looked for a tail number).
Tags: ash-tray, cross-wind, tantrum

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