Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

So, Alaska Airlines thinks that Puerto Rico is not in the United States which causes complications when attempting to get boarding passes for an e-ticket. Fortunately I took my passport to speed things along.

Then I got to Newark, a headwind strong enough that sometimes the engines sounded like they were idling greeted us, and gave us a bumpy landing, which was a premonition to the giant clusterfuck that Newark represents. While taxiing we passed a Continental airplane that had blown an engine taking off, so it was surrounded by fire trucks. To get to the C terminal I had to leave then return through security which was made only worse by having both the elevator and one escalator out at the C terminal airtrain station.

Upon arriving at the C terminal, I had an hour to make it through the huge line at security, fortunately the guy at the head of the security checkpoint sent me through the fast line.

After arriving in Aguadilla, I drove around in the dark with the aid of a navigator with a sketchy set of directions and a GPS. After many wrong turns and getting lost, we finally made it to a totally awesome beach house.
Tags: lost, newark, puerto rico

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