Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Wednesday morning several of my coworkers went looking for a surfing instructor, but couldn't find any that would teach until the afternoon. They then decided to go swimming in the ocean, some of them got caught in a rip-tide and one of them (Sharad) drowned.

Since then things have been quite hectic. I've spent most of my time driving around Puerto Rico so Nathan, Luck and Jorge could work with the family, the funeral home and the state to get Sharad's body back to India as quickly as possible.

I really haven't had time to absorb much of this. Everyone seems to be doing better, fortunately, even Michael who was out swimming with Sharad and brought him back in.

Tomorrow brings another early trip to San Juan to help sort out details of transport between the family and the funeral home.
Tags: puerto rico, sharad

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