Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Stories for Dick's

After buying tools and materials for zeppelin construction I decided to go to Dick's where I could sit on the hood of my car and eat. While it was getting colder, my huge engine would keep me warm.

While waiting in line one of the local bums came up to me asking for money. I said no and turned him away. Then he came back and asked again, I said no again.

But then a black man came up to me and told me this story about how he was a roofer from New Orleans and he'd come up here with some friends to work and then his truck was stolen with his insulin medication in it. He asked for a burger, fries and a shake, so I bought him one. (I'm damn sure he was lying, but this was the first person who's only asked me for food.) He was super-thankful, and complimented me on my ride.

While in line buying his dinner, a cute, street-punk looking girl with purple hair came up and asked me to buy her a cheeseburger. I asked her why I should do that, and she said, "because they're $1.30". I told her she'd need to tell me a good story first.

She ended up getting her equally punk spike-mohawk friend to tell me a story, so he crawled up on my hood and told me a story of how he was riding the rails out to Montana and came close to dying of thirst. It was a very good story involving riding through the Stevens Pass rail tunnel which involves breathing through your sleeping back to avoid choking on diesel fumes, riding in the sun for half a day on the outside of a rail car after a failed attempt to reach an engine car to get water, then finally arrival in the engine car and the discovery of three tiny water bottles in the mini-fridge!

After consumption of the three bottles, his thirst was still in effect, so he started scraping the frost off the inside of the fridge and melting it, which worked until he punctured the fridge and ended up with a coolant leak. Shortly afterward he hopped off the train and found a Sprite machine, before hitching a ride on the highway.

I bought them a cheeseburger and fries.
Tags: dick's, mercury, stories, zeppelin

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