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Eric Hodel


I left Friday to visit my sister Kristen in Boston. I stopped briefly in Salt Lake City, then arrived in Boston, picked up a rental car and promptly got lost on the way out to natalie516's house.

I woke up the next day, figured out how to get out to Worcester where my sister is, and promptly left behind my power supply. Natalie jinxed me, she was talking about how she'd left her power supply at a client's office right before I left.

After arriving in Worcester, I picked up my sister we travelled South to the Blackstone River State Park which contained parts of the Blackstone Canal and one of the longest-operating farms in the region. We hiked up to one of the locks that was in pretty sad shape, then left for Millville which has a largely-intact lock, only the doors are missing.

On the way back to Worcester, we stopped at the Purgatory Chasm State Reservation which is a quarter-mile long granite jumble of rocks full of fun places to climb on, into and around. One feature is Fat Man's Misery, a crack about eighteen inches wide and twenty feet deep. The rock at the bottom has been polished slipery-smooth by the people walking through it, and when I arrived there was a small girl who was afraid to walk down the slope. Her mom had to come back and help her out.

We tried to see Spiderman, but it was completely sold out. Instead I had a drink with some of my sister's friends.

Sunday we traveled to Boston where we visited the Commons and walked some of The Freedom Trail which winds past places like the Granary Burial Ground where people like Paul Revere and Sam Adams are buried, the Boston Massacre site, and Faneuil Hall, the old Town Hall of Boston. I also watched an escape artist escape from a straightjacket, which didn't look particularly difficult, but he acted well.

Flying back to Seattle was annoying, Delta didn't assign me a seat until after I arrived at the gate in Boston, my connection in Salt Lake City was delayed two hours due to weather, and arrival at Seatac was delayed another ten minutes by a plane in our gate.

However, I did meet a nice Polish girl who had recently moved to the U District. I helped her find busses home and told her about the Polish Hall on Capitol Hill.
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