Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

backpacker tan > farmers tan

Wednesday July Fourth I:

  • Drove out to the Olympic Hot Springs.
  • Saw naked people, the first of which was a naked man standing and pointing at two deer just up the trail. Seeing a naked man pointing is Really Confusing.
  • Didn't go in any hot springs because of signs warning of Scary Bacteria and the hole in my foot.
  • Met two Canadian school teachers who had bicycled right past the $5 fee booth.
  • Got a backpacker tan
  • Ate at Frugal's in Port Angeles. Ok food, super fast.
  • Learned my battery is "dead". Not quite enough power to turn the engine over, but only sometimes.
  • Drove past the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • Played frisbee on a trampoline and on a really rough lawn in my bare feet.
  • Watched fireworks with zenspider's friends
  • Learned my car's cruise control will turn off if I use the right turn signal.
  • Got 13.7 MPG!

Mysterious mysteries:

  • Will my cruise control reengage if I use the right turn signal for a short enough time period? (I didn't get enough time to experiment)
  • Why does my battery have plenty of cranking power sometimes, but not others?
  • When was the road to the hot springs (now a trail) closed?
Tags: fireworks, hot springs, independence day, mercury

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