Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Since Friday I:

Quit my job and zenspider's job, effective the 31st. Nothing challenging is on the horizon.

Rode the train from NYC to Harrisburg and watched some of Sicko. I wish Amtrak was faster.

Went to my cousin's one-year-anniversary party and threw around a really crappy Toys R Us frisbee. Its rim wasn't heavy enough to go very far.

Drove down to DC and met with bitbitch. We went to the Spy Museum where I nearly beat a kid up for shining a laser pointer in my eye, then hung out for a bit at the National Portrait Gallery. The Portrait Gallery is in the old Patent Office building, and is pretty sweet.

Flew back to Seattle via BWI, and ATL. The cab driver said I should have kids soon, or I won't be their friends and it won't be as cool.
Tags: children, dc, family, nyc

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