Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel


Wow, you missed out, and I didn't even go on the good day (Sunday night and Monday Morning) (because I was saving somebody's life in Alaska).

I saw fifteen awesome meteors, five of them super awesome. The super-awesome ones left a fluorescent trail in the sky that faded out in beautifully subtle way that no firework can match. Combine that with the utter silence and surprise of their appearance and nature's fireworks win hands-down.

When I returned to the parking lot at Rattlesnake Ledge there was a car with its dome-light on. I assumed it was the people I'd just passed so I raced back to find them, but couldn't. I hope they didn't stay out too long.

Unfortunately my trip caused me to miss out on an accident down the street whereupon a car took out a lampost I didn't even know was there. I arrived home as the firetruck was leaving but just before the ambulance.
Tags: automobile, collision, meteor shower, perseid

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