Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Today was lots of driving, but at least it was pretty. WA SR-410 E to Yakima and I-82 E, then I-84 E to Twin Falls, ID. 410 past Chinook Pass is a lovely glacial valley with that nice U to it followed by a steeper river-cut valley with lumpy protrusions of lava flows. I-82 and 84 were dry hills and mostly farm.

I got hung up at Baker City OR for a bit, a Suburban towing a twenty foot camping trailer bounced off the guardrail then turned on its side and slid for a good 150 feet, so they closed the interstate for a while. The Suburban's body was intact minus the roof which had been cut off. I hope they were all ok.
Tags: 2007 vacation, collision, driving, rollover

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