Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

I tried to watch the eclipse last night, but only got out after totality, set my alarm wrong and fortunately woke up naturally.

While I was cleaning out my car I found an extra piroshky! Excellent breakfast, but I'd eaten so much sitting in the car the previous day I wasn't that hungry.

Stopped at the canyon at the north end of Twin Falls and watched some BASE jumpers. Third one's parachute opened with a loud snap really late, maybe halfway through his fall. He just made it onto the landing strip.

Drove out to Craters of the Moon (where they really faked the moon landings) and climbed a cinder cone, looked down a spatter cone, climbed in caves, walked out to some lava flows imprinted with trees and wore my shirt on my head to keep the sun off my neck.

The caves at Lava Beds Natl. Mnmt. are much more fun.

Drove through Arco, ID, first town powered by atomic energy, and home of Butte High School "Home of the Pirates". I took a picture of their sign complete with pirate mascot and snickered in my head.

Drove past the first electricy-generating nuclear reactor, EBR-1, but was too late to take a tour.
Tags: butte pirates, craters of the moon, lava, nuclear power

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