Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Left Pocatello, ID this morning headed for Moab, UT via I-15. Didn't feel very welcome at UT border, found out that they're cheap and put the welcome station where I-15 and I-84 join. I could have gotten lost without my map!

Had lunch with Pat Eyler and didn't get roped into any conversations with sisters (the Mormon missionaries that cover temple square) while heading over to check out the Salt Lake Tabernacle. Amazing building, even if the columns for the balcony are made out of pine painted to look like marble.

Missed my exit for US-6 and wandered around getting lost trying to find it again. Saw a sign that said the speed limit was patrolled by "AI craft" but didn't stop to take a picture.

Signed up for a guided tour of Fiery Furnace at 4PM, which will be 3 hours in a 90 degree sandstone desert without shade. Fun! Fortunately I can cary 2L of water, and have a gallon in the car.

Checked out Delicate Arch from the viewpoint. Blew the fuse in my iPod radio thingy already, don't know how. On the way out of the park saw a car that had rear-ended another while the both were rubbernecking. Undrivable, but at least the radiator wasn't punctured.
Tags: arches national park, collision, mormon

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