Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Friday I drove Utah 128 to I-70 which is far superior to US 191. Utah 128 winds through the bottom of the thousand foot deep canyon the Colorado River has carved along the border of Arches.

Just outside Grand Junction, CO I hit a piece of wood on I-70 and ripped a hole in the tire. Not having a full-sized spare I had to wait in Grand Junction two hours to get a new tire.

Drove through a lovely thunderstorm dropping into Denver. Outbound traffic was terrible. Hung out with djberg96, but missed out on a full dinner due to the tire. Parent's plane was delayed for half an hour due to the storm, and I arrived at DEN exactly on time.

Family reunion was fun.

Saturday was Budweiser Beer factory tour in Ft. Collins which was largely a marketing campaign. My dad told me how terrible all their horses were, no matter how impressive they look to everybody else. We followed that up with a "Chuckwagon Dinner and Show". The dinner was good, the show was not quite passable. One great singer, one terrible singer who thought she was great, and comedy largely suitable for my grandparents.

Sunday we had a bucket-brigade water fight during our rafting trip. I attempted to recover a dropped bucket, but my raftmates failed to pick it up from my toss. I also played raft guide through some class 2 rapids and was offered a job, perhaps even semi-seriously.

Monday was morning horseback ride through some of the Rocky Mountain National Park where one of our trail guides got kicked in the hip trying to get his horse going fast enough to swing up onto. He rode funny most of the way around the mountain. Then I quickly drove down to DEN and back to send my parents, my sister Laura and her fiance Chris on their way back home. Made it back just in time for the night hike, and had my well-adapted night vision assaulted at every turn.

Tuesday was morning archery where I bruised my wrist from the snap of the bowstring, but managed two bulls-eyes. Managed to not snap the bowstring across my forearm. Then I ran off for a hike up to Flattop Mountain in RMNP. I think I was about an hour from the top when I headed down due to an approaching rainstorm. Being exposed above the tree-line in a possible thunderstorm sounded like No Fun. Unfortunately the storm stayed out of range of the mountain, so my early descent was for nothing.

Today I got up far too early and went down to DEN to drop off my sister Kristen. Drove I-25 to US-20 to Thermopolis, WY. Many dead and dying towns along US-20, most are a name on the map and a lone building or two. Shoshoni, WY is nearly dead with shuttered businesses all along the highway. Wind River Canyon is cool, with signs along the roadside telling you what layer of rock you're driving beside. Ate dinner at an awesome burger stand that is closing in three more days. Chile cheese tater-tots and a double bacon burger made out of hand-formed patties with a cherry lime-aide to chase it down. Staying in an old but restored hotel on the state park grounds that's piped right into the hot springs.

Now its time for a walk back to the burger stand for huckleberry ice cream then a soak in the pool.
Tags: family reunion, flat tire, hike, rain

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