Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Dropped off some postcards at Thermopolis' awesome post office. I haven't seen a post office that sweet and stylin' in a long time. Drove up Wyoming Highway 120 to Cody, WY. Super windy, had to have the steering wheel over ten degrees in places to drive straight. Ate two slices of pizza at a far too big and empty pizza place on main street in Cody. Real estate must be dirt cheap.

Continued West on US-20, stopped at the Buffalo Bill Dam, the highest concrete arch damn in the world upon completion (325 feet in 1910). Primary construction occurred during the winter in below-freezing weather since the dam was usually flooded in summer months.

Entered Yellowstone and drove through lots of recently burned and recovering forest. Saw some mudpots and other thermal features. Encountered some buffalo crossing the road, but nobody was out of their cars nearby.

Later encountered a bull elk and some cows alongside the road. People here had death wishes, the bull was looking really pissed off. One of the people out of their cars had at least a 300mm lens on his camera. He was probably trying to count the number of hairs on the elk. Oh, and its mating season for elk, awesome bugling.

Drove through West Yellowstone, MT, which looks like it was dropped out of the sky ten years ago. Its surrounded by empty fields. Ate some of the worst mexican food I've ever had. I swear the rice was cooked in butter.

My hotel is ripping me off, I miss my bed, its time to go home. (But one more day in Yellowstone, first.)
Tags: bad food, death wish, elk, yellowstone

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