Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

I'm home!

And its so good to be here.

Headed out of West Yellowstone 9:30ish, arrived home 10ish. Enroute I:

  • Saw Quake Lake, formed by an earthquake-triggered landslide in 1959 that unfortunately killed 28 people
  • Had another flat tire. Les Schwab > Big-O Tires, by a ton. I bought a third new tire, as a preemptive measure on the tire guy's insistence.
  • Drove into the setting sun. Terribly annoying as it was dead ahead.
  • Smelled potato, peppermint, alfalfa and timothy hay in Eastern Washington. The latter triggered my alergies. The peppermint was awesome.
  • Was followed by some weirdo who sat just behind my blindspot for about 80 miles through Snoqualmie pass. They wouldn't pass when I changed lanes, they'd just sit there with their headlights in my side mirror.
    Tags: driving, earthquake, flat tire, home, smell, sun, vacation

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      Today I saw the police taxi.

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      I think all police vehicles in washington have license plates ending in D.

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