Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

I tried to give platelets on Sunday, but failed. One arm started to bruise, so they switched, and the second arm did the same, so we gave up. In the time I donated I got to watch my cousin (who plays football for Arizona) make a snap that was a bit too high for the kicker, who then got sacked for a safety. I think it's ok overall though, since it isn't like he threw an interception for a Seattle touchdown.

Just now I received an email from the blood center saying I was at a 1403 mL red cell loss, which seems like a lot. I don't feel like I lost nearly three donations worth of blood, so I hope it means something else.

Oh, and I saw Crutches (the one legged homeless guy) while walking to the blood center, so he's still alive.
Tags: apheresis

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