Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel


Flying to Australia was awesome. I was called early in the morning and offered the LAX connection to Sydney over the SFO connection, and was given a free upgrade to an exit row seat. I also paid for the upgrade to more leg room for the Sydney flight, and ended up with my own row to stretch out in.

Australia is pretty awesome.

The beautiful Sydney library didn't have free internet, just free web, so I couldn't contact Evan, so I wandered through the Botanical gardens, past the Sydney Opera House and back to the hotel. The hotel had $.55/min internets which I used to confirm I could check in. I then had a shower and a nap and headed out to dinner and walked to the first abutment of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, arriving just in time for the first few drops of rain to come down. I returned to the hotel and played Zelda waiting for Evan to arrive.

The Rubinius sprint went awesome, Lincoln Stoll helped me polish off some bugs in RDoc and RubyGems, and to integrate RubyGems into Rubinius. In all we had about 40 or so patches added to Rubinius during the sprint.

Monday morning I ate breakfast with Evan, Shane, and Marcus at Bronte Beach before heading down to Melbourne to hang out with Fox for the rest of the week. We took a spin through Melbourne and out to St. Kilda for a late lunch and a walk along the beach. It's quite hot here, mid 30s, but quite dry, which is excellent.

I should have brought my sandals.
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