Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

I went canoeing today, which wasn't as fun as going at UW, but alright.

When I asked for a canoe for one, the guy asked me if I wanted a kayak, and gave me a funny look when I said no. He'd never had somebody ask for that before. They also wanted to give me a kayak paddle. Maybe it would have made things a little easier since the paddle in the canoe was too short.

I went up and down the 500m meters or so of allowed river travel a couple of times, handily passing the heavily laden rowboats several times.

It's really nice here, the temperature, while hot, is not unbearable, and I love all the public transportation and the walkability of Melbourne. Downtown I believe I saw four or five cars go by in half an hour, and all mid-size or compact cars. Giant SUVs and trucks are non-existent, and full-size sedans are incredibly rare.

I'd probably get killed crossing the street, though, as I'm very much hard-wired to look left instead of right. One of the times I got it right I wanted to catch a tram downtown, and looked right at the tram I was supposed to catch, crossed the street to the wrong side, then watched it pull away.
Tags: automobile, canoe, melbourne, public transportation, right-hand drive

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