Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Fun with crisco

Yesterday my mom bought me a nice grey suit at The Bon (big sale), then we went to Home Depot and got a Webber gas grill and had steaks for dinner.  Before cooking the meat, the cast-iron grill had to be seasoned, so I had fun with criscoe.

I also got an oil filter and a lightbulb for my radio, so I can see the numbers on the dial when changing stations in the dark.  If I get a computer in my Merc, I'm wondering if I should leave the dash and push-button radio original, or replace the radio with a flat screen.  Here's a big (500 kB) picture of the console:  Mercury Marqui console.

On the way home I saw a rabbit running down the side of the road, it was slightly smaller than a cat.

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