Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Seattle welcomes me home

Tonight I arrived home from a NYC friends' wedding in Memphis and decide I wanted a burger at Dick's. Unfortunately Dick's failed me in the burger department as the grill died, and I am not a fan of the trans fat free fries.

On the upside there was a pair of gutter punks to greet me instead. As I sat and muched my fries and sipped my chocolate shake they proceeded to shout obscenities about Obama and so-forth that were quite annoying. One had an amazingly bright pink face, so I find it highly likely they were incredibly intoxicated.

It was all fun and games until a group carrying a leftover pizza walked by, and the pair began to target the group with a fresh volley of personally crafted obscenities that I whipped out my phone and called the police. The more vocal of the pair quickly headed off as I met his gaze while describing him to the cops. When I turned to the second and began describing him to the 911 dispatcher he was courteous enough to leave me with an empty threat as he wandered off.

I hung out for about half an hour waiting for a police car to show back up, but I'm going to assume they were out actually looking for the two upstanding young gentleman and my services were no longer needed.

In other news, I learned I have some peripheral vision loss in my left eye around my nose (officially known as optic disc drusen). I can only notice it when my eyes are extremely dilated, so it isn't a problem, but I'm told it may get worse over time.

They took stereoscopic photos of my eye, but on slide film, and I haven't tried to get ahold of my slides so I can have scans of my eye. The eyeball photos were the second most annoying thing that's happened to my eye, as the flash of light nearly knocks you out of the chair. Fortunately it's almost bearable by the time they got to the eighth photo.

Also in the past couple months I've been to NYC where I hung out at my cousin's place in Manhattan and for a conference, to Worcester, MA for my sister's graduation, to Portland, OR for RailsConf, to LA to hang out with my boss, and to Memphis for an NYC friend's wedding. I'm looking forward to not traveling by airplane for the next couple months.
Tags: dick's, eyeball, police, travel, wedding

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