Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

My workout rotation

  • pushups
  • situps
  • pulls
  • dips
  • situps
I do pushups with my hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. If you draw a line from my shoulders to my heels, it would pass through my hips, keeping your back straight is important. When performing a pushup, I lower my chest until it brushes the floor, then goes all the way back up.
I put my feet near my butt and my hands loosly behind my head, or crossed over my chest with my hands on my shoulders. The important thing is that you should never attempt to pull with your arms. At first, having your hands loosly behind your head may be difficult, untill I've built up enough strength, I keep them over my chest. Having them behind your head makes the situp a little more difficult. I start with my head touching the floor, proceed up until my back is level, then go all the way back down in a controlled manner until my head touches the floor again.
Since I don't have an actual pullup bar (which I'd prefer) I perform 'pulls' under my desk. You could duplicate this under a sturdy table or similar sturdy overhang. I grip the edge of the desk and bend my knees with my feet flat on the floor. I pull myself up until my chest touches the desk and then lower myself until by back brushes the floor, and repeat. Be careful not to smack your chin on the bottom of the desk, synchronizing your neck my take practice.
I have the frame of a crappy chair that I use as a dip bar. It is shaped like an S if viewed from the side, and it is made from a single piece of metal. I have removed the side and back of the chair so it makes a frame about 2' off the ground. Dips are performed by placing me feet on a surface approximately level with my butt, when I support myself with locked arms on the frame. I lower myself with my back straight until my butt hits the ground, then I return my arms to their full extension.
For an entire workout, I start with a rotation of 20 reps each, then continue with rotations 10 reps each until I'm tired, as the low reps allows me to transition between each item without a need for rest. Depending upon your current level of fitness, you will probably require a lower number of reps to start (I did). Remember to drink plenty of water, you should keep the number of reps low enough to be sweating lightly. Break for a swallow of water or two if you need to between items, your body will need the water after what you've done to it, you're not out to kill yourself.

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