Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

<jesus_X> Does anyone ever fall off the earth down there in .au or do
you all have sticky feet?
<drbrain> jesus_X: it probably explains why .au is so sparsely
<Hendikins> jesus_X: gravity. try it some time :P
<jesus_X> drbrain: Well, in America lots of people have 'sticky
fingers' so I assumed that .aussies might have sticky feet.
<drbrain> Hendikins: but gravity pulls us _down_ up here, so it must
push you .au folk away
<drbrain> maybe I should read the physics textbook I bought for .99
<drbrain> $US
<Hendikins> drbrain: pulls you towards the centre of the earth :P
<drbrain> no shit? who'd a thunk it
= drbrain glances at Hendikins skeptically
<coldacid> lol
<Hendikins> drbrain: just means it pulls me down too :P
<drbrain> but you're on the bottom...
= drbrain remains unconvinced
<Hendikins> turn the planet upside down :P
<coldacid> it's an aussie plot this is
<jesus_X> Gravity is like a big magnet, and we're all just little iron
<coldacid> to make all the north americans fall off of the planet!
<drbrain> you're being contradictory, first you imply it pulls you up,
then you say it pulls you down
<Hendikins> coldacid: sometimes I wonder if it would be much of a loss
<drbrain> yeah!, you're not gonna get us .us-ers off the earth that
<Hendikins> drbrain: damn ;)

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