February 28th, 2002


Pleasant walk

After CSSE485 I hung out with Ajay (who is taking both 485 and an assembly class at the same time (he skips assembly except for tests, but that is an entirely different story)) and went over what we did in class. At five I removed my ugly chair from Shurguard and closed my account. I then walked with my chair North up 12th to Denny, walked East to 14th, and proceeded North along 14th. (The chair is very light, and ugly, it is awaiting disassembly currently.)

Along 14th there are some very nice mansions. At the end of 14th is a water tower (and Volunteer park) that has a great view from the top. I enjoyed looking at the mansions, I've run down the street many times, but rarely did I have a chance to really appreciate the varying architecture. Amazingly, many of them are being repainted or fixed up, which I am glad to see.

The only odd thing about the neighborhood is that the street is anywhere between 2 and 6+ feet below the grade the houses sit on. Apparently back when the neighborhood was first laid out the hauled away tons of dirt to lower the street. It make the street nice and level, but I don't see why else they would do that, seem like a huge waste.

Maybe I should look it up somewhere...

Oh, and I made chili tonight (not from a can, I cooked it from scratch).
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