March 4th, 2002


Many things

Here's a recap of the weekend


Attempted to climb the 9.8 wall at REI with Heather, I got about half way up before my forearms began to tighten. Then I "cheated" by swinging up onto an easier course :P. She didn't make it near as far as I did.

After that my mom picked me up and I helped her connect two computers at work with a simple network. Then I sat around at home until we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Enumclaw. Once we got back from dinner I sat on the couch and watched pieces of Planet of the Apes, Deadly Ground, and Trainspotting. I really liked Trainspotting, I'll have to rent it so I can watch the whole thing.

Back to the restaurant, they had a condom machine inside and in addition to the usual graffiti (small, large, etc.) there was a comment on the machine itself, something like "Are there enough locks on this thing?" (there were three).

A very odd feeling came over me, normally when I'm home I'd call Heather and talk to her, but this time I realized I didn't, and I felt really good. Perhaps the interactions of Friday did me good.


Went to church in the morning, then helped my dad straighten an apple tree I ran over with the lawnmower some years ago. We tried to straighten another, but the truck got stuck in the ditch and we couldn't get to it.

My parents took me home, then to school so I wouldn't have to ride the bus. At school I worked with my group members from CSSE440 (Operating Systems) on a lab. WIN32 is a bitch to program, we were messing with waitable timers, and the most important bits we needed were not well described by the book.

After arriving home I assembled my shelves (wire grids with plastic junction bits, I'll find a link later). They were easy to assemble, but when I screwed up they didn't want to come apart. I only put some books in them, but I did clean out one extra box. Now I'll have a place to put my socks and stuff.

I also got back the colotta ring Heather gave me, and gave Kristen my H2G2 collection (which I think is missing one book).

sethk is chomping at the bit, posting...



I'm sleepy for some strange reason, I'd best get myself in bed soon. First I need to wash some dishes and clean off my bed. Tomorrow I've got a Senior Project meeting and a homework meeting for CSSE440 (which incidentally contains 60% of the people in the former).

Ah well, time to put more stuff on my new shelf thingies

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