March 15th, 2002


Bad drivers

Two run-ins with bad drivers today, the first was this morning when a guy hit me in the crosswalk. No harm done, I knew he was going to do it, so I kept walking. He hit me, I just glanced at him and kept on walking.

The second was a car that made a right turn in front of the bus from the left lane. What is it with these people? A bus would just plow right through them.

I also went and had dinner with Paul, Natalie (who I helped with a Hash implementation, and who paid for my dinner in return), and a friend of Paul's named Maggie (IIRC).

When I got home, I found the HP-HIL keyboard for my HP 735/135 had arrived. I've only got to pick up my serial cable from my parent's house to set it up. Getting a cable for the monitor would be nice too.

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