April 4th, 2002


Final test

I'm turning in for the night, I've got tons more stuff working, and some that I've not yet tested. Handling of server responses is improved, and there's now a statusbar at the bottom of the screen, where messages will get dumped. Currently, L'jizzilla will remeber your password too. I need to clear the subject and event fields on successful update too, but I'm tired.

Yay! text wrapping

I've got text wrapping appropriately now, thanks to andyed on irc.mozilla.org/#mozilla. I've also created an lj community for L'jizzilla: ljizzilla. I need to stop screwing around and get to school to work on my senior project presentation.


SAM Free First Thursdays

The Seattle Art Museum has free first Thursdays, where admission is free the first Thursday of the month. Kyle, Angi and Cheryl came over and I cooked them spaghetti and heated up garlic bread I made yesterday (I didn't want to screw up and have no bread, so that's why it wasn't fresh).

After dinner we went to the SAM and walked around. My favorite was this:


"Triangles", by Imogen Cunningham. You can do a Google search for more works by Imogen Cunningham.

In other news, the name of L'jizzilla has changed to Livelizard, which has a cooler ring to it, and I won't be ashamed of it either.