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Eric Hodel's Journal
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Monday, April 8th, 2002

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Cool sub site

Poking around on kuro5hin.org I came across a link to this submarine site hosted by PBS. There is a ton of info about the history of submarines here.

Current Mood: tired

I wanna be a bus driver

I missed my stop on the bus because I was all spaced out, I've been up since 7 and I need sleep. I got off at Interlaken Park and the bus driver told me about his test-taking strategy: Do only the problems you know, then come back to get the rest. I've already got this figured out. The second thing he had to say was look only to the people who have it all figured out. Unfortunately more often than not this person happens to be me.

Anyhow, time for sleep, my body is begging for it.

Current Mood: exhausted

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