April 28th, 2002


<editor> is a bitch to embed

I got the <editor> XUL widget into livelizard today, it was a real pain to get it to work, as it isn't documented very well at all. Help came from this n.p.m.editor thread (I had to replace window._content with window.frames[0], mozblog and a careful reading of the editor sources. I have yet to get RDF working, I'll probably take another crack at that later this week.

I was planning on going climbing at REI today (Sat), but when I awoke, my arms were sore and I felt they might tighten up too much while climbing to get to where I wanted (the top). I am, however, going to go tomorrow (Sun).

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I went climbing at REI today, I tried the 5.9 again, and got half way up. My forearms keep getting too sore to climb higher than that, so I should probably run up the 5.8 a couple times before I try the 5.9 again.

After that I walked up to Broadway and got a haircut, stopped into QFC and bought some groceries, then rode the bus home. Dinner will be kielbasa & sauerkraut, yum! (and probably some bread too)

I need to get the submission code hooked up to <editor> so livelizard works again for posting.

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<editor> works!

I've now got <editor> embedded, which gives Livelizard an HTML editor to use.  It still needs some work, such as parsing out lj-specific tags, (they look like this: <lj user="test"> now, rendering them useless, but that will take about 5 minutes to fix).

Before I post another release with <editor>, I need to get spell check hooked back up and improved, and figure out why the context menu doesn't show.  A larger font size for the source view would be nice.  I may end up throwing out the source view entirely, or just pref'ing it away.  I'll wait and see what people think first.

After I'm complete with this, I'll try and get the RDF datastore working, so Livelizard doesn't make you log in every time you open the window.

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