May 3rd, 2002


On the trip home

I saw the following:

  • Two Studebakers, a Lark VI and a pickup truck on E Republican between 16th and 17th Ave E. The Lark VI had a good body, but need reupolstering. The pickup had a nice paint job, but apparently had been lowered.
  • A mudslide creeping towards 24th Ave E. I thought they had just finished repairing some water pipe in that particular patch of hillside, apparently the fix didn't last.
  • An intersting bit of graffiti on a phone connection box.  I'll have to take a picture of it, even though it isn't super interesting to me.

I made a big fix to my senior project, many, many errors were found in my code that I wish my other team members had caught for me.  I want to be found wrong :)

Justin is all moved out, I have to ask if we will have a roommate moving in for July, and what my part of the rent went up to since the property tax increase.

I suppose I should go make pudding and dinner now, since we have 2Gal of milk, and won't use it fast enough.

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