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Eric Hodel's Journal
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Thursday, June 13th, 2002

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All done with finals now, I only have to do the software handoff to Bob, and then I'm done. I don't know what I'm gonna do today.

Last night I went to the Mozilla party here in Seattle.  I met the author of Bookmarklets, and talked with a bunch of people about the future of the internet.

I haven't worked on Livelizard in a while, I've been far too busy with other stuff, like finals, and not having a cable modem to do testing.  Perhaps I'll do some work on it on Monday.

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Sweet! LJ has an RSS feed!  http://livejournal.com/users/<username>/rss

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Random ramblings

I had a dream I was washing dishes.  The drain stopper we have is broken, but in the dream it was broken more.  I think I was upset at Jason for leaving it in there.  No, I wasn't washing dishes, but somebody left the sink full of dirty water.

My TV can be tuned to emit X-rays.  Its interesting what you discover when you aren't connected to the 'net.  Of course, the TV is a Sears 1975 model, 20" sold for $349.95 originally.  Apparently I'm the second owner (I found it next to the dumpster).  It actually works pretty well now that I've tuned the colors properly.

I also think I'll have to take off the left front fender on my Merc to get to the blower fan, which is dead.  I wish I had some electrical tester doohickeys, maybe its just not getting power...

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Hot Hot Hot
Its 85 in my room, 88 in the other, cooler in the kitchen (although the sun hasn't quite hit it yet).  Of course, it doesn't help any that I've got a computer and two monitors up and running.

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Its 90 F now
Inside and out.  I'm holding my windows open with:
  • Window screen things
  • A VHS tape with Star Trek IV and Highlander on it (allegedly)
  • Three jars, one with post-82 pennies, one with pre-82 pennies, and one with silver
  • A busted switch
  • An unopened can of diet-coke
  • One of those window fans
  • A cardboard box
I must be nuts, I'm baking bread in here.  In a little bit I'm gonna take another walk outside, it makes me appreciate the indoors even more.

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