June 15th, 2002


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Well, I got kicked off of #mozilla and #netscape today (log), along with *.magnesium.net, but since its staffed with mangelo and his 6 bots, and doesn't let you post URLs, I don't think anyone there will care.  (You must go to http://www.mozillaquest.com and http://www.mozillaquestquest.com, to see why it truly is worth your while to avoid it.)  I wonder what the connection is between mangelo and James Nonnemaker (or maybe Leroy James) is...

I made a ton of spagetti sauce tortellinis, but only Ian, Chris, Kevin, and one of his theater classmates came.  I didn't do too good a job at organizing though.

I tried to get a ruby jabber client started, but no luck so far.  Maybe I'll work on my IRC bot tomorrow.

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