August 15th, 2002


Old and busted, New Hotness

Sometime between yesterday night and noonish, the fridge finally crapped out. Yesterday the freezer was about 40-45F, and the fridge was maybe 60, at noon today, they were hotter inside than outside. A new fridge will be delivered between 9 and 1 tomorrow.

A few days ago I broke my local copy of Livelizard, and spent some time trying to fix it but failed. Some of the guts have changed, and soon livelizard will stop working, probably for 1.1 final. I need to get that fixed, its only about a 5 line patch. Also the save to local disk patches need to go in, and some other stuff. I still can't figure out why getString() doesn't work. GRR.

I resurrected my P233, moving it from the mega-AT case to a mini-AT case.
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Its got an NEC multisync cdrom drive, caddy, lcd display, play/stop/forward/reverse and volume control! super-sweet. I'm taking it to 4-STABLE now, then will add apache, mod_ruby/php4, mysql, etc to it and make it my firewall box.

It seems kind of silly to be adding a new box in this hot little room.

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