January 10th, 2003


Air, Mildew, and Christopher Stout

The 43 bus ran out of air on its way up the hill. So it stopped 2 blocks from my house. The driver of the 560 stopped for a piss at the S. Bellevue P&R, so I missed my connection to the 271. I caught the 555 a few minutes later, but it still annoys me, especially since he had a brief layover to read the paper at the Bellevue Transit Center, a short few minutes away.

In my bathroom mildew is growing all over the ceiling, and its starting down the walls! This is very cool to me, because I'll be leaving soon, and I hate cleaning the bathroom, because nobody else bothers to.

Oh, and here's pictures of the mess Christopher (Chris) Stout made and here are pictures of what it looked like four hours later, after I cleaned it. You may remember this from this previous rant about how evil Christopher Stout is. Those links should make it onto Google very well. Oh, this is the same Christopher Stout who may have a son.

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