April 8th, 2003



I published some more documents from PPD, helped Pansie with some Algebra (exponents).

After work I went out and bought a Canon S200. My first picture using it is of my desk. I used an S230 last night when I went out with Cheryl's friend Gigi who was up here evaluating UW for grad school in bio-robotics.

With a bit of fiddling, I was able to take a nice picture of them standing below the Space Needle with the two of them illuminated just as much as the Space Needle (it was night). I should get a copy of it in a few days.

In the course of getting the S200 working on FreeBSD, I started with gPhoto2, which core dumped on me when trying to read information off the camera. So then I tried s10sh, since it reported my camera as some other model. s10sh said it didn't recognize the device, so I just hacked the s10sh source really quick-like to replace one of the other product ids with the S200's (0x3065). I should whip up some actual patches and send them back, but tha can wait.

Now I have a new project, hook the camera up to the computer, and have usbd automatically slurp all the pictures off of it...

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