April 10th, 2003


Class in session

Eric Richardson, who works on CMS, has this unnatural fear that a UUID (or GUID for you MicroSofties) may collide with a GUID generated on another machine.

I care about GUID consistency. Nobody should be putting images directly into the Resource Gallery in Production. Those have to be migrated, whether or not they are used only in Production. Here is why. If some things go into Test and are migrated, and other things go just into Prod, there is a chance that the GUID will end up being the same for an item already in Prod and one getting migrated.

I hate having to educate people, especially since they are so wrong. To save you the trouble of sifting through the draft, here's the short of it:

UUIDs are generated from a very precise (100ns) timestamp and the node id. If you don't have an accurate clock, you use a "name" which is supposed to be as broad as possible, including DNS addresses, machine name, etc.

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Money management

So... my good roommate Christopher (Chris) Stout owes me some $162.33, $87.40 from a check dated 2/1/2003, $41.33 from last month, which he never gave me, and $33.60 for this month. When confronted with the check that bounced twice, he says something to the effect of "You should cash it when I give it to you", which is stupid. He's got a WAMU account just like me, so he gets an account ballance statement just like mine that details checks number, when it was paid, and the amount. He's get all the tools to determine whether or not I've cashed the check, and can adjust his spending accordingly.

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